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  • tabs tebay, maker and founder of the rosyretro knitting and crochet shop in the uk

    Meet the Maker...Tabs Tebay , creator and owner of RosyRetro®

  • RosyRetro® is based in the South hams in the beautiful UK County of Devon.

  • Most RosyRetro® products are made by hand

Useful Information


  • How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated by weight at checkout

  • Do you offer free shipping? What is the minimum order amount?

Yes I do! Most UK shipping is free! For International Orders, the minimum order amount is £25

  • What shipping methods and carriers do you use?

I use currently use Royal Mail, with a view to expanding on carriers in the future.

  • How long does delivery take? Do you offer expedited shipping?

I am a sole trader and always post daily for dispatch the very next morning (* business days only). Delivery can be delayed during strikes and very bust periods. Updates are given if this occurs.

  • Do you ship internationally? What are the rates?

Yes I do! Shipping rates are calculated by weight at checkout.


  • What is your return/exchange policy?

Buyer is responsible for return postage costs and any loss in value if an item isn't returned in original condition.

  • How long do I have to return an item?

30 Days

  • Who pays for return shipping costs?

The buyer is responsible for return postage costs unless the product is faulty.


  • What payment methods do you accept? (Credit cards, PayPal, etc)

At RosyRetro, I accept a variety of convenient payment methods to make your shopping experience easy and secure. I accept major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. For added flexibility, I also accept PayPal and Apple Pay. You can choose your preferred payment method at checkout. Contact me if you have any questions about payment options.

  • Is my payment information secure?

Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. This compliance extends by default to all stores powered by Shopify.

Shopify States- We are very serious about securely hosting your store and have invested significant time and money to certify our solution is PCI compliant. From annual on-site assessments validating compliance to continuous risk management, we work hard to keep our shopping cart and ecommerce hosting secure.

Discount Codes:

  • Where can I find coupons or discount codes for your shop?

Discount codes and coupon codes are featured regularly on my social media sites, emails and on order packing slips!

  • Can discount codes be combined or used on sale items?

No sorry, I work hard to design and make every product so rarely offer combined discounts.


  • How can I track my order status?

Be sure to select Tracked Delivery at checkout!

Full tracking details will be given after purchase.

  • What do I do if my order arrives damaged or incorrect?

Please don't hesitate to contact me! A replacement will be offered or a refund depending on the circumstances.

  • How do I cancel or change an order?

Please be sure to contact me within 24 hours otherwise it is highly likely your order will have already been dispatched.

Product Info:

  • Where are your products manufactured?

The majority of my products are made by hand in the U.K.

On occasion, i also stock tools and accessories made elsewhere but endeavour to source materials locally wherever possible.

  • Do you offer custom or personalized products?

I consider custom requests depending on how busy the shop is , i assess each request on an individual basis.

  • Do you do Wholesale?

Sorry, not at this time.

  • Do you do Drop Shipping

Sorry, not at this time.

Copyright Information

  • What copyright do you hold as the designer?

As the sole designer and maker behind all products sold in my shop, I retain full copyright ownership over my original patterns, templates, drawings, writings, photographs, and other creative content. My original designs, tutorials, images, and branding are protected intellectual property belonging solely to me. I do not authorize replication or distribution of my copyrighted content without express written consent.

  • Can I use your product images?

The images shown on my website and social media are copyrighted material owned exclusively by me. You may not reproduce or distribute these proprietary images in any way without permission. Please contact me directly if you would like to request authorization to use any imagery or content from my shop. I am happy to work collaboratively with other makers when properly credited.

  • What are your policies around your AI-generated images?

The images created through AI art generators on my website are produced through public AI systems like DALL-E and Midjourney using my creative prompt inputs. However, I do not claim full copyright on the end visual outputs. The AI model creators maintain rights to the foundational models. The images are considered derivative works with joint authorship between myself and the AI system. Therefore, I provide permission for others to utilize these AI-generated images for commercial use with proper attribution. You may use and modify these images personally or professionally with credit. Proper attribution supports creative collaboration with AI. Please enjoy commercial use of these images while recognizing my original prompting contribution that brought them to life (a shop link or mention would be great!) I allow Small Scale commercial use , all I ask is that you do not resell the images in their original digital forms as many hours have gone into my AI content.

  • Do you have legal rights to the images used on your site?

The product photography featured in my shop is original content created by me and protected under copyright. I retain full ownership and rights over these proprietary images. My product photos may not be reproduced, distributed, or used commercially without proper licensing or written authorization from myself. A small portion of accessory product images come from licensed stock resources. However, the majority of product shots depicting my handmade items were individually photographed by me. Please contact me directly regarding any request for commercial use of my exclusive product photography.

Some of the content on my website and product design, is sourced from Creative Commons CC0 licenses. This means the original creators have waived their copyright and dedicated their work to the public domain. CC0 allows free use, modification and distribution, even for commercial purposes, without requiring attribution. I carefully verify CC0 licensing to respect creators' wishes and provide links to creators wherever requested.


  • What type of packaging do you use?

At RosyRetro®, I strive to use eco-friendly and sustainable packaging materials whenever possible. Orders are shipped in recyclable and biodegradable mailing bags and wrapped in green 100% recyclable bubble wrap. I minimize plastic use to help reduce waste. My goal is to package your items securely with minimal environmental impact.

  • Is your packaging eco-friendly?
  • Mailing bags, paper wrap* and bubble wrap are 100% recyclable, while the plastic use is kept to a bare minimum (little self seal bags to keep stitch markers safe )
  • Do you use plastic or paper packaging?

Paper with 100% recyclable mailing bags and bubble wrap

  • Is my order packaged discreetly?
  • All orders are packed in fun retro style mailing bags (recyclable) except for LGBTQ products where discretion may be required (standard mailing bags are used)
  • Can I request no packaging or gift packaging?

Unfortunately I can't send my products with no packaging at all as they need protection to arrive in top condition at your doorstep. Gift packaging is always Free of charge and all orders are wrapped beautifully ready for gifting!

  • Will my order be shipped in one package or multiple?

I will combine your order if you have multiple orders and refund any shipping overages.

  • Do you use padding or filler inside packaging?

Yes! I use green 100% recyclable bubble wrap to keep your items arriving in top condition!

  • Will the packaging include the company logo or branding?


  • Can I reuse your product packaging?


  • Do you include any inserts, samples, or extras inside packages?

Yes! All orders include a Free sample gift! I also send coupon codes

  • What steps do you take to ensure safe delivery?

Tracked delivery can be purchased at checkout to ensure safe delivery. I also wrap each order very carefully for safe travel!

*All RosyRetro® paper is designed by me and available from my other printables business on Etsy -

Knitting Patterns

The knitting patterns available in my shop are my own original designs and are copyright protected. While I retain full rights as the creator, I allow other makers to utilize my patterns for limited commercial use under certain conditions. You may produce finished knit goods using my patterns to sell locally in small quantities. Mass production of items made from my patterns is strictly prohibited. If selling goods made from my patterns, you must properly credit me as the original pattern designer in any promotional materials and listings. My goal is to foster creativity within the knitting community while protecting my original designs. Please reach out if you have any questions about acceptable use of my patterns for small scale commercial purposes.

Reselling of my patterns in digital or physical form is strictly prohibited.