• Wrapped with Love...

    At RosyRetro® I am committed to sustainable packaging practices that are kinder to the environment. I aim to reduce plastic waste and utilize more earth-friendly materials in all the shipping and fulfillment processes.

    The vast majority of RosyRetro® packaging contains recyclable paper, cardboard, and bubble wrap. I source mailing bags made from 100% recycled content. While small plastic accents may be necessary for safely securing some products, we keep this to an absolute minimum. 

  • Aims & Goals...

    As an eco-conscious business, I am continually evaluating new advances in green packaging and updating these processes to better protect the planet. I appreciate my customers joining me in this effort by reusing and recycling packaging whenever feasible.

  • Free Gift Wrap with every order!

    All orders are wrapped in recyclable paper featuring exclusive Designs from my second shop, The Rose Booth.