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Track Your Progress with RosyRetro® Knitting & Crochet Progress Keepers!

Keep your place in knitting and crochet patterns with RosyRetro® Progress Keepers! These handy notions simply clasp onto a stitch or your knitting to help you mark your progress.

Perfect for tracking rounds in crochet projects or your current row when knitting, these progress keepers ensure you never lose your place. The spring-loaded clasp securely grips your yarn or knitted fabric without damaging stitches.

No more forgetting where you left off - let a RosyRetro® Progress Keeper be your knitting bookmark! Track your progress, count rows, and mark repeats. Essential for complex patterns or projects you set aside.

Whether knitting a sweater or crocheting a blanket, these progress keepers are a crafter's best friend. Never lose your place again! RosyRetro® Progress Keepers mark your spot and help you keep your crochet and knitting on track.

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