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Rainbow Sock & Lace Stitch Marker Sock Knitting Set - Sock Sprinkles

Rainbow Sock & Lace Stitch Marker Sock Knitting Set - Sock Sprinkles

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These bespoke rainbow stitch markers are expertly handcrafted by RosyRetro® for sock knitting, lace projects, and other small diameter knitting. Meticulously made with minute attention to detail, they are high quality markers reflecting time and care in the making.

Snag-free rings approx 5mm in size -  fit needles up to 4mm (US size 6).

Please check size for your project. The markers come in a set of 20 in assorted bright rainbow colors similar to the ones pictured.

The rainbow hues may vary but will always be vibrant and cheery!

RosyRetro's original handcrafted sock rings provide the perfect tiny, non-snagging markers for tracking stitches and rows on your socks, lace, and other small knits.

No more frustration with markers catching or tugging your delicate knitting. Just smooth, hassle-free knitting!

These bespoke stitch markers make wonderful knitting notions for the sock knitter or lace knitter who wants quality and cuteness. All RosyRetro products come with a free sample gift and wrap, plus a lifetime guarantee.

Discover the original RosyRetro handcrafted sock rings today!

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