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Pony Brand Knitting Cable Needles, Set of 2

Pony Brand Knitting Cable Needles, Set of 2

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Product Name: Pony

Cable Needles for Knitting, Set of 2

Brand: PONY

About the Brand: PONY is a trusted knitting brand known for quality supplies.

Product Details:

  • Set of 2 cable needles per pack, ideal for cable knitting
  • Keeps cable stitches neatly in place
  • Smooth lightweight metal construction
  • Holds stitches securely in front or behind work
  • Use a needle the same size or slightly smaller than your knitting needles
  • Vintage illustration in the public domain
  • Made of metal
  • From PONY, a leading knitting brand

The cable needles allow you to easily create beautiful cable knit patterns. The smooth metal glides effortlessly and prevents dropped stitches. Use these high-quality needles from the reputable PONY brand for your next cable knitting project!

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