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Crochet Hooks, Assorted Sizes 6mm-10mm - Pony Brand

Crochet Hooks, Assorted Sizes 6mm-10mm - Pony Brand

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Product Name: Pony Smooth Light Crochet Hooks

Brand: PONY

About the Brand: PONY is a leading and trusted brand for knitting and crochet supplies.

Product Details:

- Made of lightweight plastic, perfect for bigger crochet projects
- Great for beginners and experienced crocheters
- Smooth finish glides easily through stitches
- Tapered tips easily insert into each stitch
- Lightweight, comfortable feel in your hand
- I personally love these hooks and have used them for years
- Suitable for all skill levels
- Available in a range of sizes - choose at checkout
- Comes with a FREE gift and gift wrap
- Durable plastic construction
- From the renowned PONY brand

These smooth plastic crochet hooks are perfect for bigger projects. The lightweight design reduces hand fatigue while the pointed tips make inserting into stitches a breeze. Crochet with ease and comfort using these hooks from the leading PONY brand.

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