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Heart Knitting Stitch Markers - Sugared Candy Charms

Heart Knitting Stitch Markers - Sugared Candy Charms

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Original RosyRetro® Snag-Free Knitting Stitch Markers !

RosyRetro® offers the original and best snag-free knitting stitch markers. Avoid flimsy copies and choose markers designed for a lifetime of knitting...

These gorgeous sugar heart stitch markers come in bright, candy colors!

They come in 3 sizes -

LACE/ SOCK - Fit needles up to & including 4mm (US 6)

STANDARD - Fit needles up to & including 5mm (US 8)

LARGE - Fit needles up & including to size 9.5mm (US 13/15)

Each lightweight, heart-shaped marker measures approximately 7mm x 10mm.

They are snag-free and won't catch on your knitting.

Assorted rainbow colors add a pop of fun. Colors may vary.

All RosyRetro® products come with a lifetime guarantee. Refund or replacement offered for any reason.

Each order includes a free sample gift and gift wrap.

Stitch markers made for personal use, not for resale.

Choose the original, snag-free RosyRetro® knitting markers for your next project.

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