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Lavender bags - Liberty Fabric- 'Flower Show' Mamie E

Lavender bags - Liberty Fabric- 'Flower Show' Mamie E

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lavender bags with satin loops for hanging!

🍃Beautiful lavender sachets featuring the stunning Liberty of London 'Mamie E' fabric from The Midnight Garden Collection 🍃

Beautifully dried aromatic Lavender flowers. This lavender is top quality and is wonderfully fragrant! Sealed to keep the freshness in!

The lavender produced with care to the environment as it is cultivated without the use of pesticides or other chemicals.

Perfect for swaps and adding to your own precious wool or fibre stash!

Each bag is hand finished to ensure top quality

- Approx 4 grams Lavender per bag! (this amounts to a wonderfully decent amount of fragrance :-)

Little ribbon loops so you can hang them! (you could even hang one on your spinning wheel or by your bed!)

Each little sachet is approx 8 x 4 cms (**SMALL but Mighty!)

Beautiful calming fragrance....instantly soothing and beautifully fresh (I make sure all my lavender stock is fresh and full of scent!)....and luckily moths hate it! Perfect!!

just place them in amongst your wool or fibre stash to keep it fresh and the bugs out!

Kept in a sealed bag to keep the freshness in!

Extra photography by Rikonavt & Alex Seinet & janine Joles
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